About Us

Born in the Backyard, Built in a Basement

It was a Friday evening and we were winding down from the work week. More often than not, this would mean it was time to break out a yard game and get playing. After discussing what to play we came to a consensus; we were sick of playing the same old games. Out of this conversation came an idea; let's create our own game! Our main goal was to create a game that could be played anywhere, by anyone, in many different ways. We broke out the sketchpads and began to work on developing the game. After many months in the shop, we fine tuned Change into the game we had imagined. Here's what we came up with:

We loved competing in your regular old "run of the mill" games. Quarters was definitely in the rotation, but we always ran into the same problem - the surface to play on. The game of quarters is impossible to enjoy if the quarters won't bounce. We solved that problem with our launch pads. Using these pads you'll be able to bounce your quarters anywhere. Enjoy a game of Change no matter what surface you're playing on and don't worry, the pads slide right into the game boards, making for a nice tight package. Simple, compact, easily fits into a purse or a book bag. Good on the go and serves as a classy addition to a coffee table or shelf.  

We developed four cornerstone games for the change community to enjoy. You can choose between ChangeHole, Cricket, Tower of Power, and Baseball. The unique Change piece we designed allows for players to create their own variations. Feel free to share any game modifications on our Instagram account with #weplaychange. If it tickles our fancy you might just have a new game named after you. We thank you for visiting and being part of the Change community.