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Change- Game Night Evolution

Change the Game

Game Night Evolution

Change is the brainchild of a few friends seeking a game without boundaries. When we decided to develop a game, we first looked at what was missing from the family, party and bar games on the market. There are so many great games out there, but they all have something that limits their playability. Games can be too big or heavy for indoor areas, too difficult for novices or children to play or can just get boring after playing it too much. So, when we developed Change, we focused on making these weaknesses our strengths.

-Anyone- Our launch pads allow anyone to be a pro at quarter bouncing. We tested dozens of surfaces to determine which was best for bouncing quarters and we eventually found the perfect surface. Now anyone (Child, Adult and Senior Citizen) can be a competitive Change player in minutes.

-Anywhere- Change weighs 1 pound and it is small enough to fit in a purse or in a cargo short pocket. The Launch Pads allow you to play on any surface (Sand, Grass, Bar Top, Dining Room Table, etc.).

-Anyway- Change is the game that is always transforming. There are currently 12 game formations, with developed rules, available on our website. When we originally launched, we included 4 game formations with rules. Since that time, we have expanded our library of games to a dozen, including a set of beginner games and even a game developed by a consumer. Change allows its owner to be creative and the only limits are your imagination.  




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