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Change Insider Tips

Change has a dozen game variations, so it is hard to be a pro at them all. In an effort to help our players step up their game, the Change Crew has decided to pull back the curtains and give our best tips for playing some of Change's more challenging games.

ChangeHole- ChangeHole is a crowd favorite, but few know that going for the gusto is not always the best strategy. If you are having problems making the 3 point hole, you may be better off just shooting for the 2 hole instead. This strategy helped a team win a tournament at one of our events last year. 

Tower of Power- The tough part about Tower of Power, besides getting the quarter to bounce that high, is getting an exact score of 11. Players typically have an easier time getting the quarter in the 3 point hole, but four of those shots makes your score over, which subtracts points from your score. We recommend shooting for the 2 point hole for your first score. It will give you a better chance to get exactly 11 and quickly take down your competitor. 

Basketball- Basketball is one of our more versatile games, so it will help to have an edge over your opponent. Most players get fixated on making the hole that represents the basketball hoop, but any hole can be made in the game. If you are having difficulty reaching the hoop, shoot for one of the other holes instead and see if the competition can match you short range shooting style. 

Baseball- Just like the real game, baseball involves a great amount of strategy. We always suggest that players take the time to read the rules before they start playing baseball because they strongly influence how the game is played. One of the rules that give players some trouble is not being to make the same hole 2x in a row. So, if you hit a triple, that hole is closed for your team until a home run is hit or someone makes an out with 2 or more holes closed. There are many strategies on scoring runs, but few people know that one of the hardest holes to hit is the double. A double is an elevated hole and part of the Change Piece blocks the path for the quarter. So, if your team gets a double, it puts your team in better position to rack up the runs. 

Cricket-This is probably the most challenging game in the Change repertoire. One of the reasons why it can be difficult is the dreaded double hole shot. You must make 3 shots to beat your opponent and the shot through both of the 1 holes can be a headache. We would suggest changing the angle of your shot by moving the launch pad farther away from from the Cricket formation. This will give the quarter a better chance of successfully traveling through both holes. 

Tennis- This is one of our newer games, but has quickly become a fan favorite. The trick to this game is again changing the angle of your shot on your returns. It can be tough to get your quarter through one of the middle holes on the return, but by slightly pulling the launch pad towards yourself, you create a better angle for the quarter to get through. 

SkeeHole- SkeeHole can be as challenging as the boardwalk version. The angle of your shot can improve your chance of nailing that 100 point hole. Because that hole is elevated and far away. Players should bounce their quarters as though the are skipping them across the launch pad to give them the extra distance needed.

Football- The gridiron can be a tough game, mainly because the last 2 holes are so far away. The insider trick for this game is to only punt if you are shooting for the 75 yd line and kick a field goal if you get to 4th down while going for a touchdown. Punting from the other locations isn't worth giving up your final shot at the hole and sometimes a few field goals can win the game quicker than scoring a touchdown and kicking an extra point. 

Well that is our tips for now. Hope they help and that you all enjoy the many variations of Change!

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