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Change- Play any way you want!

Is it Board Games or Bored Games? 

Whether I was stuck inside on a rainy day or I was outside enjoying a lazy summer afternoon, I can distinctly remember playing a ton of board games as a kid. I had a huge unorganized shelf, devoted to games to pick from. After rocking a game once, I'd grow bored of the rules, box up the pieces, and send the game off to exile; its pieces to never again see the light of day.  

Change is a game you can never get bored with. Its patented design allows you to play many different ways. Each piece can be moved to unlock a new way of playing. Ever enjoy playing the popular basketball game; HORSE? Well we've got a version of Change for you. How about Football? You guessed it... we've come up with a miniaturized version to play with Change. As an adult, I'm a huge fan of Corn Hole, but unless you have a good amount of room, there's no way to play. Not with Change... You can enjoy a game of corn hole without a ton of space. The only difference is instead of tossing bean bags; you're bouncing quarters. Check out the "How to Play" section for the many different ways of playing with our patented design.

More can join as the party grows...

It's a beautiful day. You're sitting in the backyard with a couple of friends and you break out your Change game. You're dominating the scene and everyone is having a blast. All of the sudden, a few more friends show up and they're looking to share in the good times. Not to worry; rearrange your Change set and unlock a multiplayer version of playing. The party doesn't stop with Change. 

Feeling creative?

We've got 12 different versions of Change ( so far ). If you can think of a different way of arranging the game pieces, or a different way of playing, we'll add your version to our site ( and give you credit ). We encourage creativity and love to hear of new ways to play. Pick up a Change game today and get creative. 

Grab a game and get playing

Whether you're looking for a game that will always keep your interest or one that can adapt to the crowd; Change is the answer. Check out our site today for different ways of playing to unlock the potential of Change! 


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