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Looking for a game you don't have to shlep to the beach?

With many beaches opening this holiday weekend you might be looking to enjoy some time in the sand and the sun. Areas may be more crowded than normal as people have been stuck inside for the past few months. As everyone knows, it's still important to be mindful of social distancing guidelines. 

If you're like us, you love playing games at the beach. From paddleball, to frisbee, we're always looking for something fun to do. Keeping this in mind, Change is the ultimate beach game to play in a limited amount of space. You can play right on the sand with our patented design. 

Another plus is portability. We love the beach but can't stand dragging a ton of heavy stuff down the sand. Change weighs less than a pound and will fit in any beach bag, or even right in your hand. You can literally take it anywhere. 

Whether enjoying the beach this weekend, or later this summer, be sure to bring Change with you whenever you go!

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