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A Perfect Game for the Summer!

This weekend marks the first day of Summer and there is hope that we are still going to be able to enjoy the some of the great outdoors this year. It does seem that we will have to enjoy that space, while still respecting some type of social distancing guidelines. Whether we are inside or out, in order to respect those around us, we may have to enjoy our time within a limited amount of space.

Let's imagine for instance you're visiting your favorite camp site this summer. In past years you may have enjoyed some corn hole, or Kan Jam (Two of our favorite summertime past times). Frisbees or bean bags may have been flying into your neighbors site constantly- something you may not have thought twice about. After collecting your errant toss, you'd quickly apologize and be on your way. Unfortunately, times have changed and though it is crazy to think about, this interaction may now cause a certain level of anxiety for those involved. Not with Change... You can play within a small area and in many different ways. The space can not confine the good times to be had. You can really play on any flat surface, anywhere you go. We've played on picnic tables, park benches, rock walls, blankets, tailgates, car hoods and so much more. 

Maybe you enjoy a day at the beach. As mentioned in previous posts...No one likes carrying all that gear down the sand. Change fits in a small beach bag or even in the palm of your hand. Pieces slide together into a nice tight package with your quarter stored safely inside. Don't want to bring a table down to the beach? Not to worry! Our launch pads allow you to play right on the sand in your own little area.  

No matter where you decide to play, don't forget Change can be enjoyed in a variety of ways! If you're like us and love to play corn hole, then check out our version called ChangeHole- able to be played within a small space. Maybe you enjoy shooting hoops. There's a version of H-O-R-S-E we've created that can be played on a table, instead of a court. Wanna play some Baseball? Break out some Change and play on your beach towel, instead of a field. If you're looking for the perfect game to play, but worried about space- Change is the answer!

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