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The Change Game Bounces up to Woodstock

Every year hundreds of breweries from all over New York State come together to celebrate their craft and this year Change was part of the party. Over the two-day festival in Woodstock NY, Change game entertained patrons with its 12+ coin bouncing games. We have made a few appearances at local street fairs and festivals and this was one of the best times to date. The weekend was filled with fun loving people all looking to have a great time and we were happy to shar ein the fun.


Whenever the Change crew introduces the game to new players, we always hear the same comments- “Oh a quarters game, I remember playing that in college”. Of course, they’re right, it’s a game played with coins where players shoot for a variety of targets. The thing is, it’s that and so much more. First and foremost; Change isn't a drinking game. When we explained this to people at TAP, we were met with a lot of confused faces. Many said they just assumed Change was a drinking game because TAP NY is a beer festival. Our answer was simple; this is a game for anyone to enjoy. Just like any other backyard games (think cornhole or horseshoes), you can play with or without a beverage in hand. Now, over the course of this particular weekend, most patrons did play with one of those beverages, but our game isn’t about drinking, it’s about having fun.


After getting past the lack of drinking rules, people were amazed at the versatility of our game and how much fun it is to play. Change can currently transform into 16 different games, all with unique ways of playing. We often begin explaining Change by showing the game all together, packaged for retail. Most looked at Change and thought, "That just looks like a block of wood". Once we took the game apart and arranged the pieces into one of our popular game versions, those confused faces morphed into excited ones. After getting the hang of bouncing the quarters off our launch pads (often taking no more than a couple of tries), we showed players all the different ways of arranging the pieces, unlocking the potential of our game. Our day was filled with people mastering the bounce, experimenting with all our versions of gameplay and even trying to come up with their own. There was a ton of smiles, high fives, and quarters flying in all directions.


Towards the end of the festival, we got a chance to check out the music being played at the iconic grounds of the original Woodstock. We were psyched to see quite a few games of Change being played throughout the crowd and really appreciated the kind words and support of all that attended. We definitely made some new friends and can’t wait to see everyone again next year. Until then, Cheers!

 Don't forget to check out our video post documenting Change at Tap! 

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